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We call B.E.P. the Motivator because horses who have not been trying to win, and haven’t been winning, suddenly feel more aggressive and competitive. They want to train hard, want to race , and really give everything to win. The “also ran” of today becomes the unbeatable athlete of tomorrow.

Uncle’s Happy Horse B.E.P. Hi Stamina Athlete’s Formula

  • improves vitality
  • improves balance and coordination
  • increases stamina and power
  • improves overall general condition of high performance athletes.
  • acts to stimulate the immune system
  • is very palatable

B.E.P. provides the high stamina necessary for successful performances in competitive events. It is a formulation equally effective for activities that stress balance, poise, strength, and speed. Athletes experience a sense of well-being derived from supplementing the training regimen with a combination of natural products that help in achieving maximum performance. Better coordination, increased vitality, and greater endurance in competitive racing events have all been noted by satisfied trainers. These positive features are maintained and undiminished when B.E.P. Athlete’s Formula is part of the horse’s regular training regimen.

B.E.P. is really multi-purpose. We have noticed that it really helps many horses who show incoordination and probably are EPM suspect. It smoothes out their gait and they navigate turns much better. We have a strong sense that it acts against the coccidia that invades the spinal cord and destroys the animal’s balance. Although we cannot make any claims, having done no research, we feel that B.E.P. is coccidiacidal rather than just being a coccidiastat. B.E.P. also is used by many horseman who have horses that are lazy and not racing up to their potential. It has turned many of these horses around and they want to race and try much harder to win . In this case, B.E.P. is administered to effect and should be used close to the time of the competitive event. There is nothing in B.E.P. that could ever produce a positive test but a lot of things in it that can give very positive results to horses who need a physical/psychological boost.

Athletes, in order to perform at maximum efficiency require and deserve the best supplemental products. Our careful packaging and quality control fully preserves this fine quality product at its full strength. B.E.P. Hi Stamina Athlete’s Formula contains just the right combination of refined pure colloidal silver solution, seven amino acids in a tested effective concentration, as well as other ingredients especially provided to achieve better performance by decreasing stress while enhancing power and endurance. Like all Uncle’s products, it will not test positive.

This dietary supplement aids horses who are having problems with rear end coordination. It also puts them on their tippy toes. They act more alert and try harder to do well in competition. B.E.P. is available in thirty two fluid ounce size.

If used for better coordination, start the horse on 30 cc twice daily and keep at that dose for about three weeks. Improvement should be noted by that time and the dose may be able to be lowered to 30 cc once a day. Remember, whether you use B.E.P. or other products, there is nothing in the product that will repair the spinal column damage already done by the pathogen. If you intend to use the B.E.P. as a performance enhancer on a lazy very laid back horse (who you know would do better if he tried harder), we advise using from 60 cc to 90 cc close to the time of the competitive event. The B.E.P. should be given by dose syringe.


Ingredients:  Honey, cherry, fructose, L-caritine, L-glutamine, choline chloride, inosine, inositol, L-arginine, DL- methiionine, dimethylglycine, potassium sorbate and potassium benzoate (as preservatives), highly purified solution of metallic silver colloids.


“I’ve always been a skeptic about products on the market that say this and that, and that this is good for horses and it turns out that nothing happens. You also hear from different trainers that this is the best product to use, another will tell you don’t use that but use this instead. So when asked to give “Happy Horse Products” a try, I was just as skeptical of them. Well I’m here to tell you that Happy Horse GUT PROTECTOR was the first product tried and much to my amazement “What a difference it made in his overall attitude.” I then added “Happy Horse B.E.P. Hi Stamina Athlete’s Formula” to his diet and was shocked. His racing became sharper and his personality went from sulking to alert and full of energy. Take it from “Mr. Rainmaker,” “Happy Horse GUT PROTECTOR and B.E.P. ” are a winning combination. Thanks Happy Horse!”

Phil Chrastek, Owner/Trainer of “Mr. Rainmaker” 

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