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About our site

Uncle's Happy Horse Equine Products

Our equine athletes today are exposed to a large number of unnatural stresses that take a toll on their overall health and well-being. During the competitive season, they are transported many thousands of miles by road, air, and rail. They find themselves in unfamiliar settings every few days. And despite the effects of these stresses, lack of restful sleep, loss of appetite, changing time zones, digestive irregularity, bone and muscle pains, etc., they are expected to perform at their highest level when called upon.

Whether your horse performs at the racetrack, the jumping arena, the dressage ring, cross country or the reining and cutting arena, he will benefit from Uncle's Happy Horse Equine Products. These products are all natural and will not test positives. They were developed by a concerned veterinarian, the late Dr. Herbert Friedman, who spent 10 years in Japan practicing and studying herbal medicine.

Uncle's Sports Agenda, Inc.

In 2003, Dr. Friedman founded Uncle's Sports Agenda, Inc. with the mission of developing holistic, all-natural therapies to benefit these competitive equine athletes, promote healing, and maintain their balanced overall health. It is our goal to provide the finest products to horse owners at the most reasonable prices possible. After rigorous testing by many owners and trainers on many horses, when a product meets our highest standards and proves conclusively that it does what it is supposed to do, it is introduced to the retail equine market as an Uncle's Happy Horse product. The over 85% success rates and genuine expressions of appreciation and satisfaction from horse owners are proof that we are on the right track.

Uncle's Happy Horse products are available from our distributors who are all respected horsemen/women not salesmen. You can find them at many tracks and training centers. Our products are also available at many good tack shops and especially at Big Dees. You can order them at this online store and pay for them by money order, credit card, or check. Products will be sent FedEx ground unless faster delivery is requested. We will negotiate shipping on large orders. In locations where taxes must be applied, they will be added to the bill.

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