What does Gut Protector do?  What is the correct dose?  How should it be administered?

Gut Protector is a dietary supplement that acts to maintain a favorable environment for normal gastrointestinal function.  It aids in preventing the effects of stress experienced by equine athletes.

The horse feels better, much better, and demonstrates it by behavior and performance in competitive events. Equine athletes eat better usually showing increased appetite.

We always get back to the fact that HAPPY HORSES WIN RACES…SOUR HORSES DON’T.

The same goes for non-racing equine athletes…the dressage horses, trail horses, Tennessee Walkers, rodeo horses, steeplechasers, and barrel racers…they perform much better when they feel well.

All horses are different but it is safe to say that if you can discern a problem, start dosing at 60cc(2oz.) twice daily. In a severe case showing marked signs of discomfort or lack of appetite, stall weaving, crib biting, etc., begin at 90cc twice daily. After good improvement is shown, usually by the end of week 2 and often much sooner, go the maintenance dose of  30cc twice daily.


What results have been achieved by horses fed Gut Protector?

Horses that were poor eaters soon exhibited voracious appetites. We have heard from owners and trainers that stall weavers and crib biters were much improved after only a week to ten days on Gut Protector. We are particularly proud of the many race horses who race on Gut Protector and do so well on it. We are proud of this quality product, make sure everyday that the strictest quality control is observed, and are grateful to the loyal customers who administer the product regularly to their horses.

Windsong Legacy raced on Gut Protector when he won trotting’s Triple Crown. Many other standardbreds not as talented as Windsong Legacy have shown significant improvement.

Mr Rainmaker was a 7 year old pacer racing in $4,000 claiming races… and not doing very well even at that classification. He was put on Gut Protector (and BEP) and showed a remarkable turnaround. He has won many races, made a lot of money, and lowered his race mark from 1:57 down to 1:55.4.

Leo and Lisa Gabriel faithfully use the product in their stable and their good filly Hail to Humor had one win and 5 seconds in seven starts.

Chris Hartman’s barn has been consistently in the money and he is a steady and faithful user of Gut Protector in his stable.

Bernie Flint who recently joined the very exclusive group of trainers with more than 3,000 career training wins uses Gut Protector in his barn.

Morris Nicks and Ralph Nicks, both very successful trainers, use Gut Protector.

• Finally, we are so proud of Buff Bradley and the whole Bradley crew who have been using Gut Protector for their race horses. Brass Hat, one of the best if not the best aged Thoroughbred in the USA won the Grade II New Orleans Handicap, followed that up by dominating in the Grade I Donn Handicap ($500,000) at Gulfstream, and finished a very strong second in the world’s richest race, the Dubai Classic $6 million dollar race. Just as important to us, Bradley’s filly Ella Belle went and won the Wintergreen Handicap at Turfway.

• Equally important to us were the great reports we received from Linda Goorigian (CA) and Matt Jacobsen(KY) who had young horses who were expected not to survive but who made remarkable turnarounds soon after being put on Gut Protector.  


Can we administer Gut Protector along with other products?

Yes. There are no contraindications here. If you have your horse on Gastroguard or other quality products which work well on ulcers, you can still use Gut Protector in conjunction with these products.

Many people who used these products, some of which are prohibitively expensive, elected to forego the high priced spread and use only Gut Protector. Almost everyone who did wrote us to advise us that they saw improvement in a very short amount of time.


Should we take the horses off Gut Protector when they seem to be doing well again?

No. When the horses are doing well, you don’t want to stop giving the product and allow the problems to recur. It is wise to lower the dosage to a maintenance dose of 30cc. twice daily.


What do you think about putting 2 year olds or yearlings on Gut Protector?

If the two year old is being trained, that is a stress; if the yearling is being broke in preparation to being trained, that too is a stress. It is advisable to use Gut Protector in these situations to prevent bad things from happening.


What exactly can BEP do for my horse?

BEP is really multi-purpose. We have noticed that it really helps many horses who show incoordination and probably are EPM suspect. It smoothes out their gait and they navigate turns much better. We have a strong sense that it acts against the coccidia that invades the spinal cord and destroys the animal’s balance. Although we cannot make any claims, we feel that BEP is coccidiacidal rather than just being a coccidiastat.

BEP also is used by many horseman who have horses that are not racing up to their potential. It has turned many of these horses around. They want to race and try much harder to win. In this case, BEP is administered to effect and should be used close to the time of the competitive event. There is nothing in BEP that could ever produce a positive test but a lot of things in it that can give very positive results to horses who need a physical/psychological boost.


What dosage of BEP should I keep my horse on?

If used for better coordination, start the horse on 30cc twice daily and keep at that dose for about three weeks. Improvement should be noted by that time and the dose may be able to be lowered to 30cc once a day.

Remember, whether you use BEP or other products, there is nothing in the product that will repair the spinal column damage already done by the pathogen. If you intend to use the BEP as a performance enhancer on a very laid back horse (who you know would do better if he tried harder), we advise using from 60cc to 90cc close to the time of the competitive event. The BEP should be given by dose syringe. 


Exactly what is the B52 Respiratory Stimulant and should I be using it on my racehorse?

B52 is probably the strongest most effective respiratory stimulant you can use in racing. It is an ALL NATURAL solution that contains more than 39 different herbs and eight essential oils. It is expensive and very time consuming to make and therefore is an expensive product to use. If you are going for reasonably good purses, it is affordable but if you race cheaper claimers for lower purses, B52 makes little sense.

We limit distribution of B52 to customers of Gut Protector (and/or BEP) because they go so well together. B52 will not help every horse in the barn and we always advise picking the situations where it will do the most good. It is better on a come-from-behind horse than a front runner but it has been successful in both types.

It will not overcome a lameness problem or racing a horse with an infection. It also will not succeed in cases where the drive or ride is poor. However, consider that in the first 75 races where it was used, standardbred and thoroughbred, all different classes from $4,000 claimers to invite horses, at over 15 different tracks, with many different trainers, …it demonstrated a 72% success rate for win/place. That’s something!!!


What is the difference between Heal Salve and Heal Salve Fortified…how do we know which one to use in our stable?

We are so proud of these two products. Both of them should be indispensable staples in every horse barn, racing and non-racing. Heal Salve does a great job against scratches, minor abrasions, hopple burns, and minor cuts and bruises.

Heal Salve Fortified contains 9 Essential Oils that are powerful Anti-Fungals and Anti-Baterials that work wonders on skin conditions that are very resistant and not amenable to early successful resolution. Horsemen/horsewomen who have used both products rave about them and we hope that shortly they will be available in tack shops and training centers throughout the U.S. They are affordable to use and ALWAYS produce a very satisfactory result. 


What is the best way to purchase Uncle’s Happy Horse products? Can we purchase online with a credit card?

UNCLE’S HAPPY HORSE products are available from our distributors who are all respected horsemen and women…not salesmen. You can find them at many tracks and training centers. Our products are also available at many good tack shops and especially at Big Dees. You can order them at this online store and pay for them by credit card.