Dietary Supplements Gut Protector Plus (One Gallon)

Gut Protector Plus (One Gallon)

Gut Protector Plus (One Gallon)
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We had evidence that our maintenance product was not strong enough to protect many equine athletes during periods of increased stress. Therefore, we formulated a stronger Gut Protector that contains an additional 11 herbs and 8 essential oils that specifically target ulcerated tissue. Stress exacerbates ulcer conditions. Gut Protector Plus is formulated to treat ulcers and establish balance in the gastrointestinal tract.

Additional benefits of Gut Protector Plus:

  • treats ulcerated tissue
  • brings healthy balance to the gastro-intestinal tract
  • relieves pain of ulcers

When stress is high, ulcers often become more severe. As we push for better competitive performance, pre-existing ulcers worsen, presenting a serious problem. Gut Protector Plus is easy to administer and it tastes good. It contains 11 herbs and eight essential oils that specifically target ulcerated tissue, plus 2 added herbal ingredients that stimulate appetite. It is all natural and will not test positive. Best of all, it works! Just ask the people who use it.


Ingredients: Water, aloe vera liquid, licorice extract, rhubarb extract, fructose, apple butter, apple juice, apple cider vinegar, astragulus extract, passion flower extract, cinnamon extract, bromelain powder, maltodextrin, xanthum gum, myrrh, cherry concentrate, honey, highly purified solution of metallic silver colloids, with potassium sorbate and potassium benzoate (preservatives). Also contains an additional eleven herbs and essential oils that specifically target ulcerated tissue.


“Our weanling thoroughbred colt developed a severe stomach ulcer about three weeks after being weaned. The farm manager asked us about putting him down as he was emaciated and hardly able to get up in the stall. The well-known vet clinic we’d sent him to had us put him on the very well-known and expensive ulcer medication. It didn’t work. We then put him on Happy Horse Gut Protector after hearing about it from a respected standard bred trainer who had been using it. End of story----within a month, he was almost completely back to normal and being the beautiful colt we’d bred. We sold him at the Keeneland sale for just under three times his stud fee. The farm manager calls “Gut Protector” a miracle. We’ll just say our story, which is documented, speaks for itself.”


Matt Jacobson

Versailles, KY